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For People Who Are Serious About Their Sports...

Having been established in Huddersfield for over 30 years, O’Neills Sports are proud providers of team wear, work wear and sporting equipment to many clubs and organisations in the local area and beyond.

At O’Neills Sports we are able to provide advice and expertise to ensure that any purchase meets the needs of the buyer.

Whilst we have experience of dealing with individuals, sports teams and businesses, we also have a large number of public sector customers such as universities, colleges and schools.

O’Neills Sports also have a long standing reputation within the local tennis community.

We are able to hire out demonstration rackets to potential customers, offer a re-stringing service at a competitive price and order into store any specific rackets that may be required.
We pride ourselves on being a retailer that is not only able to supply mainstream sporting equipment but also one who can provide for niche sports.

For clubs we can combine the convenience of an online shop with the personal service and accessibility of a traditional retailer.

If you want to know more please browse our website, email, telephone or pop into our Huddersfield showroom.

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Friday 11th December 2020 is last day for Christmas Orders