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Poly Tour Spin G (includes fitting)


A polyester tennis string from Yonex, was clearly designed for big hitters in search of spin. Not only does it have a grippy pentagonal cross section, but it also was made with a special silicone oil infusion to facilitate the snapback required for heavy ball rotation. To top it off, our TW lab results place this string on the firm end of the stiffness spectrum, which means it can accommodate the most powerful upward cuts without spraying the ball into another time zone. According to our playtesters, Poly Tour Spin G definitely lived up to its spin-friendly design. Granted, we didn't find it as grippy as Dunlop Black Widow or WeissCannon Black 5 Edge, but that didn't keep it from earning a very respectable spin score. The most striking feature of Poly Tour Spin G was that it gave us the control (and freedom!) to attack the ball with our most powerful strokes. The downside of a high control string like Poly Tour Spin G is that it is invariably too firm and underpowered for a large section of players, including those with tender tendons or compact strokes. Another minor complaint was levied against the string's surface, which became slightly worn over time, resulting in some dreaded string straightening toward the end of the test. Ultimately, though, for big hitters who like swinging big and having the ball land on schedule, Poly Tour Spin G is an awfully attractive option. The fact that it delivered above average tension maintenance is a nice added bonus.

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